The Hassle-Free Business Automation platform for ambitious MSPs

Computicate is the Business Automation platform for ambitious Managed Service Providers, that aim to grow and deliver world-class services.

Why Computicate Business Automation?

Computicate is the Business Automation platform for ambitious Managed Service Providers, that aim to grow and deliver world class services.

In achieving that goal, Business Automation is much more than just another module or software tool used along the way. Configured properly, Business Automation makes your Managed Services operation dependable, efficient and ready to scale.

Getting this done, the easy way, is exactly where Computicate makes the difference :

  • SaaS and out-of-the-box, which allows you to be up-and running within one business day.
  • Takes away the hurdles of complexity and costs associated with the addition and use of a Professional Services Automation solution.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing managed services tooling
  • Saves you money, time and headaches
  • Business Automation is our one and only focus

Our Story

2006 – When it all started

In 2006 the founder of Computicate was running his own MSP and needed a solution for recurring billing. There was nothing out there that could do the job. The in-house programmers started to build the first version of Computicate.

2006 to 2013 – Computicate turns into a Business Automation tool

The recurring billing system is expanded with time registration, CRM, ticketing, item billing, and of course the first integrations.

2013 – Time for a new player?

In 2013, not much had changed in the Business Automation landscape. Still the same old players with the same expensive lock-in model, difficult onboarding and hardly any innovation. Time for something new!

2014 – Build it again from scratch

The old version of Computicate was not built to run in a SAAS and multitenant environment. Plus, we wanted a fresh look & feel and support for touch devices. We started to build a brand new version with full localization, all the good stuff we already had plus great new features and integrations.

2015 – The MSP was acquired

After building the MSP from scratch to a multi million Euro business, the founder of Computicate sold the MSP in 2015. This freed up capital and time to hit the gas with Computicate!

2016 – Accelerate!

2016 was a great year for Computicate. From 2015 on we were signing up clients. And we focussed our development on building integrations with popular RMM tools like Continuum, Solarwinds and Ninja RMM.

2017 – Recognition and expansion

Computicate expands with new integrations like the Microsoft CSP TIER 1 integration that allows automatic billing of CSP products. Also, official partnerships are established with several MSP centric software companies.

Free up time while your Business Automation is doing overtime

Why do it the hard way, when you can streamline and automate your business easily? Run your daily operation with confidence with our real-time and automatically generated performance metrics and charts. In the meanwhile, let Computicate take care of time based tasks. And prepare your invoice batches automatically to assure accurate consumption based billing and thus prevent you from leaving money on the table. Computicate is a true ‘set and forget’ tool that will make your MSP life more easy.

Only minimal configuration is necessary because the intelligence is neatly packed into our platform. Our easy set up means automation and full control of your business processes including workload predictability, are less than 8 hours away.

Through smart automation Computicate allows you to spend more time with your clients and team. Let Computicate do the math for you so that you achieve a healthier financial bottom line faster.

Computicate Business Automation Availability

Computicate is fully aware of the responsibility we bear, hosting and maintaining your mission-critical data in our application. That is why we make every effort to make sure that:

  • Computicate has the best and most reliable hosting available. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform we make sure that Computicate is scalable, redundant, secure and available with high bandwidth and low latency, in every corner of the world.
  • We only work with the best programmers and UX designers. By making this a priority, we create the best performance and usability. Our metrics are the proof of this.
  • Our Agile development process is professional and is being followed strictly. We deliver a new release every few weeks. This release goes through a series of automated tests before it is published on our stage environment. After extensive manual testing on our stage environment and only with a 100% satisfaction, we will publish the release on our live environment.