Business Automaton software for MSPs focused on growth.

Computicate is the complete integrated Business Automation tool that gives you full control over your Managed Service operation.

See why MSPs love Computicate

Computicate is the complete integrated Business Automation tool that gives you full control over your Managed Service operation.

The Computicate Business Autmation solution helps you ensure that your clients get the service they pay for.

Meanwhile, you automate most of your back office operations, and have an understanding of the most important metrics that drive your business: e.g. the time spent per client, the occupancy rate of your operation, the client satisfaction as NPS, service level performance, etc.

Real time dashboard & reporting

The ready-to-use dashboards give you a real-time insight into the performance of your company:

  • Utilization
  • Service levels
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Financial performance
  • Your organization and employees will receive timely feedback and information. This leaves the ability to adjust and manage where necessary, to optimize your MSPs performance.

Our Business Automation solution makes sure you will never again come unprepared for a client meeting, as you have instant access to real time performance indicators and information, client based. Also, you can generate periodic and ad-hoc reports:

  • Periodic & ad hoc reporting and KPI overviews
  • Utilization degree/occupancy rate information
  • Revenue and performance indicators.
  • Accurate and relevant information will give your organization the competitive edge.


Deliver world class support with our integrated Ticketing. Our ticketing is built to assure quick and effective handling of support questions. Use our ‘Quick update’ feature to easily add updates to tickets without leaving your ticket overview. Also, our automatic time registration and automatic SLA allocation will assure accurate billing of spent time. Also, time registrations are used for our predictive time allocation system. This function will tell you the amount of time you will need to process your current ticket pile.

  • All your tickets and workflows in one central console
  • Registration and classification is integrated with your Contracts & SLA
  • Automatic synchronization of your managed end-users
  • Integration with support-e-mails, which automatically convert to a ticket
  • Create your own ticketing email messages in a WYSIWYG editor
  • Canned responses
  • Automatic SLA selection based on machines, users, client type, etc.
  • Supports “Block hours”

Automated time registration

The Computicate Business Automation solution automatically tracks all time spent on customers and matches these with the SLA and contractual agreements. You will have detailed insight into all registrations, i.e. which device, end-user and activity, and have an accurate overview off all your billable hours. Computicate automates the billing process, to optimize your workflow and maximize your revenue.


  • Our Business Automation solution alows you to manage and keep track of your hardware and software inventory
  • Store inventory information like buying price, serial number, supplier PO and invoice number
  • Easily find inventory with our quick search

Keeping track of your inventory is vital in order to make sure you’re not losing money on your inventory or get stuck with a pile of old hardware that nobody wants anymore. Computicate allows you to keep track of your inventory and use it in quotes and billable items. You can easily get the most important information about your current inventory:

  • Amount in stock
  • Product types
  • buying price
  • Stock item age
  • Buying price
  • Asset type
  • Stock location

Inventory items that are sold will be mutated into billable items. The invoice will automatically have the serial number and item description added.


Our Business Automation solution allows you to create quotes for your clients for:

  • Products
  • Labor
  • Inventory items
  • Contracts
  • Simply add products and inventory items to the quote
  • Send the quote by email, your client can edit, approve or decline the quote online
  • Once the quote is approved, we will convert inventory items into billable items, add a new contract part to an existing or new contract and create PO and handling tickets automatically

Our quoting module makes your life more easy. Simply offer additional services to existing contracts. And offer items from your inventory, locking these items for further use to prevent offering them twice while prices for additional purchases are yet unknown.

Offer your clients an easy way to accept quotes online. We also make the handling a breeze:

  • Billable items are created automatically
  • PO and Handling tickets are created on quote approval
  • Service contracts are created automatically
  • Billable items will contain all the details your client wants to know for approval:
    • Quote number
    • Approved by
    • Description
    • Serial number

The look & feel of your quotes can be fully customized.

CRM & Sales

  • Our Business Automation solution gives insight into your customers, contacts, task and tickets
  • Generate Service contracts and separate sales items
  • Integration of all your information, including product catalogue, SLA catalogue, CRM.

When you are visiting a client, you want to know what’s going on before you go. For that we have created ‘Customer cards’. Our Customer cards will give you instant insight in what is going on at your client:

  • Open tickets
  • Contract items
  • Sales items
  • Net promotor score
  • Current contracts revenu
  • Average revenue per user/seat
  • Enpoints under management
  • Endusers being served
  • Client spend:
    • Recurring
    • Non-recurring
    • VAR items
  • Client time spend:
    • On non-billable fixed price hours
    • On billable hours
    • On other, non billable
  • Client Average Hourly Rate

Automated Recurring billing

  • Generate all your service, product and billable hours invoices accurately and automatically with just a few clicks
  • Automate your product and services billing
  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Monthly billing done in 10 minutes
  • Billing amounts can be based on:
    • Manual entry
    • Amount of users (AD)
    • Amount of RMM machine types (e.g. workstations)
    • Amount of CSP subscriptions

Access anywhere

The Computicate Business Automation solution is a SaaS platform, accessible from any browser. We offer full touch support and currently support touch devices from Ipad mini and bigger. This way, Computicate enables you be on top of your operations anywhere you go.

User Friendly & Easy Onboarding

Our Business Automation solution is very intuitive, your employees will be happy to work with it. Furthermore, Computicate was designed and developed by an successful Managed Service Provider (MSP). The system is designed around the daily practice of your Company.

Our friendly support team can have you onboarded in 1 business day, free of charge.

Seamless Integration

Computicate integrates with your existing managed services tools, e-mail platform and RMM through Web API’s, as well as with payment systems like Stripe. We integrate with popular accounting systems either through our Zapier integration or by using our invoice export function. New integrations are released on a regular basis.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) integrations: 

VAR software integrations

Accounting software:

Payment provider integrations


We have users from all over the world. That is why we support localizations and languages for many countries. And we don’t just settle with simply switching the EURO for a Dollar sign. E.g. when you switch to USA, the adress fields will be changed, you will have a states pulldown, date notations change, etc.

  • International currency denomination support
  • Extended Sales Tax support
  • Localized spellings and dates (“12/30/2016” vs “30/12/2016”)
  • Adress format and state selector pulldown (if applicable)
  • Bank account formats

A hassle-free Business Automation experience

Computicate is Hassle-Free Business Automation:

  • Easy to buy
  • Easy onboarding
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Multiple onboarding options