Business Automation Feature

Manage and keep track of your hardware and software inventory.

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See how Computicate can help you keep track of your inventory.


  • Our Business Automation solution alows you to manage and keep track of your hardware and software inventory
  • Store inventory information like buying price, serial number, supplier PO and invoice number
  • Easily find inventory with our quick search
  • Keeping track of your inventory is vital in order to make sure you’re not losing money on your inventory or get stuck with a pile of old hardware that nobody wants anymore. Computicate allows you to keep track of your inventory and use it in quotes and billable items. You can easily get the most important information about your current inventory:

  • Amount in stock
  • Product types
  • buying price
  • Stock item age
  • Buying price
  • Asset type
  • Stock location
  • Inventory items that are sold will be mutated into billable items. The invoice will automatically have the serial number and item description added.