Make Your MSP More Automated

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See how Computicate Business Automation can make your MPS more automated.

More automated

Do your billing run in under 10 minutes per month

Monthly billing is a time-consuming chore for many MSPs. Not with Computicate. Billable hours are automatically prepared for invoicing and invoicing for subscriptions of devices, users or licenses is fully automated. As a result, your monthly billing is done in 10 minutes.

Register time automatically
Computicate automatically records all the time you spend on customers. This allows your employees to focus on the work, and you are always assured of correct and updated timesheets. The time spent is also linked to SLAs, contracts, and price agreements so that your invoicing is always correct and can be arranged in no time.

Smart features for effective ticketing
Combine the best support with an efficient ticket processing process. Use our ‘Quick update’ function to easily add updates to tickets without leaving the ticket-overview and with the automatic SLA allocation, billable time is correctly recorded immediately. The keyword is automatic; ticketing the way you always wanted it.

Know where you (customer) stand with customer KPI dashboards
Steer your MSP on KPIs and make decisions based on data. With the KPI dashboards per customer, you know exactly how you are performing, where revenue opportunities lie, and how effective your service is. With the customer KPI dashboard, you are always one step ahead of the customer, which results in higher customer satisfaction. Want to know more about a KPI? With a mouse click, you have access to relevant data.

Next-level SLA: automatic allocation of devices, users, and services
Deliver what you bill, and bill what you deliver. Licenses and subscriptions for devices, users and services are automatically linked to SLAs in Computicate, so you always charge your customer for the right thing.

Failing to meet an SLA agreement? With the automated ‘SLA breach tracker’ you can anticipate in time and nip emerging fires in the bud.