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More Predictable

Understanding your team’s utilization rate

Accurate insight into your team’s utilization rate is one of the top priorities of an MSP owner. Utilization tells you everything you need to know about the balance between costs and revenue, and accurate insight serves as the steering information to make hiring decisions.

Predict your future revenue stream and cash-flow
How many hours, subscriptions, and licenses can you (still) bill this year? With the feature ‘remaining billable annual revenue metrics’ you have razor-sharp insight and you can predict what you will still invoice. And do you want to know what you can bill for in the short term? We’ve got a widget for that: current billable revenue widgets.

Know and optimize the time spent by your employees and teams
Measure the performance of your individual employee(s) and teams, so you can steer for optimization. Determine your KPI and find out how your business is doing.

Manage your projects based on KPI’s
Profit ‘below the line’ or detailed insight in costs and revenues per project? Computicate gives you insight into your project profitability KPIs, so you can steer your projects towards profitability.

Know what a customer is worth
Predicting business starts with important customer insights: which services do I sell to which customers and what share do they have in my total turnover and profit (per category)?