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More profitable

The road to more profitability

Grow your MSP with great automation and better insight. The Managed Service model is a beautiful model. After all, by focusing strongly on good design and management of your customer’s IT, very high margins can be achieved, whereby the creation of profit margin is in your hands for a large part.
To achieve that, however, the correct information is required. For example, information about which equipment or which part of the network causes the most disruptions to a customer (and therefore costs you the most). It also often happens that certain customers bring in a lot of revenue, but that they actually turn out to be loss-making as soon as all data is available.

Make your invisible management costs visible
Capture not only the total time your engineers spend on management each month but know exactly how much of this time is spent on which customer.
Get a grip on time leakage in your organization and discover which customers bring in a nice turnover but are actually loss-making at the bottom line.

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On average MSPs spend 30% of their time on management in their RMM system whereby it is not clear how much of that time is spent on which customer.

Computicate moves the resolution of RMM alerts to one central location and automatically records the time spent on each ticket, so you always have insight into the management time per customer.

Get your workplace management and administration working together in an automated way.
Manage your invoicing and contracts for Managed Services in 1 system.
With every change in the management situation at a customer, you want the administration to be aware of this. With Computicate you match this process automatically. Avoid the scenario ‘we have rolled out a new workstation with RMM agent, but there is no payment for the management because someone forgot to pass on the change.

Get paid for what you manage / Maintain control over what you manage
Rolling out your RMM agent involves a lot; managing it, rolling out policies, running checks and you have to pay off the licenses with the RMM vendor. You invest time and incur costs, on the other hand, you want to get paid. Have control over how many devices you manage and how many devices are included in the contract. Don’t let your engineers do work that is not paid for or worse, without a contract attached.

Save time with RMM & contract data integration in tickets
Your RMM system knows exactly what a customer is managing, but if the software that your primary business process runs on doesn’t talk to this, you won’t benefit from the data in your RMM system. In addition, your contract database contains information about the services your customer is receiving and the service level that goes with them. With the RMM & contract data integration in our ticket module, your engineer has all the data at his fingertips to support the customer optimally. This means no more dependence on the ready knowledge of employees when it comes to classifying tickets.

Never look back at price agreements again
Price agreements are tricky in a growing MSP: they are forgotten or recorded incorrectly and before you know it you are faced with all sorts of corrections. Therefore, record price agreements at a detailed level so that they are automatically applied when needed.

The long-run: satisfied customers, better business
The best business strategy; a satisfied customer. Help your customer faster and more accurately and deliver what the customer pays for so that customer satisfaction goes up. Higher customer satisfaction leads to a better name, positive reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, the favor factor, strong position, etc., etc..